Sarah was first introduced to homeopathy while living in the Netherlands, where it is commonly used. When she tried a homeopathic remedy for an acute cold she was ‘blown away’ by the gentleness of the healing – the remedy being easy to take yet quickly removing the symptoms and creating an overall feeling of wellbeing.

As a mother, when Sarah’s older son was born, she used homeopathic remedies for him and was encouraged by the fast responses – both for physical complaints such as nappy rash and teething, and for behavioural issues such as sleep.

Sarah has experience working with midwives and is passionate about all aspects of childhood and the psychodynamic relationship to ill health.  She is particularly passionate about helping families with children with autism, ADHD, ODD, PANDAS, PANS.  

Throughout her career Sarah has been a speaker at different events and has co-authored an article.

As a practitioner Sarah leaves no stone unturned. She is incredibly thorough, ensuring that her assessments of her clients are clear and concise. The homeopathic approach aims to treat the whole person including the physical and emotional experiences of the individual, which is what appeals to her about the speciality.

At an initial appointment with Sarah you should expect to investigate your individual health concerns and experiences in depth, before a wholly personalised treatment is designed, taking all aspects of your individual circumstances into consideration.

Go to the contact page if you would like more information or a free 20 minute consultation via skype or in the clinic. 

Free 20min consultations available in clinic or via skype.



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What we treat

  • Children’s behavioural complaints and disorders (Autism, ADHD, ADD)
  • Pregnancy and Birthing/Post Partum treatment
  • Acute Illnesses
  • Children’s and Adults Homoeopathic constitutional prescribing
  • Food & Environmental Biocompatibility testing
  • Mindfulness
  • Heavy Metal toxicity testing and clearing
  • Nutritional Advice and support for Children and Adults

And many more