Autism and Detoxing

Posted: July 26, 2017 By: Comment: 0

With the rates of Autism on the rise, there’s one thing that we know for sure!  There’s something that is going on in our environment that is likely to be contributing to the increase of diagnoses.  We are also seeing increasing rates of many neuro-diverse presentations, whether it be PANDAS, PANS, ADD, ADHD or ODD.  The acronyms are dizzying!  We are also seeing language delays more commonly than before as well as learning difficulties arising.

One thing that all these acronyms have in common, is that there appears to be co-morbid symptoms that relate to the gut!  YEP!  We are commonly seeing gastrointestinal presentations such as diarrhoea, constipation, flatulence and also food intolerances in these children.

Another thing we know about our environment is that we are increasingly being exposed to heavy metals in chemicals and pharmaceuticals, toxic chemicals, toxic gases, electro-magnetic radiation etc etc (the mind boggles).  With this increased exposure, it is very likely that we are going to put under more strain to detoxify these unwanted toxins from our bodies.  Particularly the heavy metals which we know are neuro-toxic.

As a classical homeopath, I aim to treat the whole person, with a remedy that is individually matched to my client (known as the similimum).  More and more I am seeing people in my practice that need more help to let go of these toxins, alongside the classical homeopathic approach.


  • Heavy metals – a hair analysis reveals if there is heavy metal toxicity or mineral imbalances.  These can be corrected with specific homeopathic remedies and some supplementation.
  • Pharmaceutical medications – medications can cause side effects and also cause a strain on the liver.  Giving the medication in a homeopathic potency can remove the negative side effects and using a remedy to support the liver can ensure that the body is processing and eliminating as it needs to.  It is also known that the microbiome is affected by medications.
  • Bacterial Infection – conditions such as PANDAS are the result of an unusual susceptibility to the bacteria streptococcus causing behavioural and physical symptoms such as tics and mood swings or hyperactive behaviours.  Alongside conventional treatment (antibiotics are usually the main form of treatment) supporting a healthy microbiome with a specific homeopathic medication and probiotics are an essential aspect of treatment.


When the body is freed from a toxic burden from any of these sources, we will see the underlying constitution shining through.  With this comes less infections, less diarrhoea, less constipation or upset tummy’s, more communication, less behavioural difficulties.